17 yz450fx clutch switch ??

So going with a different perch/lever assembly on my 17 yz450fx. But Noticed right before i was gonna switch them that there's an electrical connection inside of it. Is this a safety kill for if it gets tipped over ro something? Or when in gear it reads if the clutch is pulled in to start.

How would I go about removing/disabling it to make the new set up go on without interrupting the electrical circuits? 


Any ideas, anyone done this? 

I switched to a asv perch and the bike starts with or without it no need to disconnect. They make an eliminator plug but not needed. I just tied it up behind number plte

Oh, sweet! Guess I'll just do that too! Thanks!

Idk if u can unplug and still work I'm gonna try it. I found out by mistake trying to explain why I need the eliminator switch and the bike started haha. Even in gear. Works great at my races

Yeah I haven't even taken the rubber boots off the OEM perch yet to see how it even connects. Haha. I just walked past looked and thought oh crap, maybe this won't be super easy.

Haha. It's a push in plug on the perch. Get a small flat head and push in the sides and it pulls out. Easy. Just to test you can take out of perch and start the bike before u put new on.

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