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Hey guys, so here is my dilemma. I part bikes to make side money. I just had my 3rd son and I don't use my 2008 Crf250r anymore.

Many mods and zero hours on the brand new Valves and top end. (Never started it cause I'm tired of kick starting bikes... I know I'm weird..... plus my Drz and Raptor keep me entertained) I will start it this weekend if I don't have a Honey Do List to complete .

So, I want a bad ass 2 stroke (just because) and somebody said "dude, drop a cr500 engine in that Bitch"

I'm like hmmmm "not a bad Ef-ing idea, but a 2 stroke 500 is to much engine for what I do here in NY)

So I have a complete 250r and I can get a 2001 cr250 engine off of EBay for $1600 (same price I can sell my 250f engine for)

My question:

I'm worried if I part out this bike and make $4000 (yes I can do that) that I will kick my self in the ass in 10 years for not doing the conversion. I only see Service Honda making their own shit! But not offering a kit or instructions on how to do it myself. If I have all the parts, do I need them? Are their instructions on how to cut my frame so I can give it to a welder to complete? Let me know guys, I know you guys on TT have Godly Knowledge and I appreciate any info you can give before I bite the bullet and rip this CRF apart and sell.

Thanks a million in advance for all your comments, your Awesome!20171102_103822.jpgCapture%2B_2017-11-08-20-24-02.png

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There are many people out there doing this. I have one in progress at the moment. I made my own parts and billet Y. You will need a qualified tig welder to do this project. 

heres my build thread. Haven't touch my project in quite some time. Hopefully finish it up this winter.




here are all the parts you will need



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