06 ski doo summit 1000

Pulled my sled out of the storage unit after sitting for a few years. Slapped a fresh battery and fuel in it to get it off the trailer and it ran great started fine and idled normal. I️ started it tonight just to keep the battery charged and now it’s got a check engine light that’s flashing. And it will idle really low then die when idling. Anybody have any help with this?

My guess is vibration effecting the DESS cable , pull it off and make sure it's snapped on tight. If you have another cable to try it will run and idle but won't allow clutch engagement rpms and probably flash a light but could help prove the chip in your dess has an issue.  Those sleds were bad ass, heavy but arm stretchers.

Found a bad relay causing the issues just forgot to update the thread

For safety sake I replaced all 3 relays I need to change the chain case oil and put a fresh belt on for this season and she’ll be golden!


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