Xt 350 bottom end

Hi all

Just rebuilt the bottom end in the xt 350. (bearings, seals and Conrod)

On reassembly I’ve packed the seals and bearings with high temp bearing grease.

I later read. Pack seals with grease and oil bearings.

I’m concerned now that the grease will wash out the bearings and clog the oil pump.

Am I worrying about nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the help

Honestly, it's probably because nobody that's read your post has tried that technique (packing the lower end bearings with grease).

I don't follow the Yamaha section because  it's mostly 250's and such that I don't own , probably many other like me the same , not trying to ignore anyone . 


As for the grease , yes it will wash out and dissolve into the oil , no issues , however the oil should be changed quickly to get rid of it , the grease may have some addatives that are bad for the clutch plates , otherwise no worries . Internal motor bearings never get greased(as far as I've ever known) , they go in dry and I just dribble some heavy oil or assembly lube in them before startup till the oil pump takes over .



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