Drz400 2001 temperamental...

Some days I go out , fuel on, choke on, kick twice, bikes purring, other days, like today, I am better off going to the gym for legs day as it wrecks me. The &%$#@! of a thing is more temperamental than a drunk woman.


I don't know much about bikes but since I got it, replaced spark plug and bled brakes (not that brakes have anything to do with starting)


Once its hot, starts easy enough but still sometimes its a maggot that I want to light on fire.


Am finding TDC before kicking, using the decomp lever to do so..


Hot start when its hot ..


Choke when its cold


Its a 2001 drz400 not an E or S



Am getting tired of this bikes antics, am contemplating selling it and investing in a newer bike. But if it won't start , it wouldn't be worth more than a handful of pennies..



The &%$#@! of a thing is more temperamental than a drunk woman.

Odd, those are easiest type to get their motors running.

The bike is not had to start by nature. You have an underlying issue. Valves, air leaks, dirty/ worn carburetor, low compression are just a couple possibilities.

Stator is going ,check resistance of stator coils

Carbs OK, its fcr39 I need to check cam timing and valves. I have a hunch its an electrical problem, compression seems good,

Yup, check valve clearance. If those are good check ignition. If that's good it's either jetting or compression.

Get to it!🖒

Only getting a baby spark and a solid one every 5 or so kicks. Thinking its the starter coil?

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