Bike will not start with the magic button.

2017 150 xcw so I take my battery off my bike my bike starts I could run my lights everything works well I have no voltage at the leads that would charge my battery. I charge the battery up put it back on the bike my magic button does not work i have a clicking sound at battery but it does not turn over. Any input would greatly be appreciated?

Crickets, you got crickets in there some where, many over the rainbow, who knows, but it's them dad balmed crickets! 

It's got to be electrical of some sorts but that is NOT my long suit, need help with goats, no problem. Any way I'm sure someone will come along and know what to do or where to look.

Need any goats? New model hit the showroom floor the first week in December!

If all your lights are working and you hear clicking when you press the starter button, that means you've got voltage going to the starter relay on the low side.  It also means your stator is working (at least a little bit), and your voltage regulator is probably working.  If you disconnect the battery and you don't get voltage at the battery cables with the engine running, and the starter won't turn with a fully charged battery, then this probably means you have a bad wire or a loose connection on the wires from the battery.  Check the ground wire connection to the frame, and the positive wire where it runs to the starter relay.   If you are sure those wires and connections are good, then the starter relay itself could be bad.  To test this, you could use a jumper wire to temporarily connect the two black wires together that run to the starter relay.  If you jumper these and the starter cranks, then the relay is probably bad.  If you jumper these and the starter does not crank, then there is a bad wire/connection somewhere that you haven't found (and the relay is probably ok).

While you are at the relay, with the engine running, you should be able to measure +12v DC at the white and red wire that goes into the relay.  This is a wire that comes from the stator which charges the battery.  Because your lights are working, you will probably find 12v on this white-red wire as expected.

I have voltage coming out of the relay going to the starter so I’m pretty sure it’s the starter

Do you have a good ground?  Mine did this and the ground wire was loose. Everything and anything concerning ktm and huskys. I've learned a lot from that site. 

You mentioned in the original post that you had no voltage at the battery wire.  If that is the case, I don't see how you could have voltage at the starter side of the relay (black wire).   Did your battery go dead since it was not charging on the bike?  If so, that also supports the theory of a bad wire or loose connection from the battery to ground, or battery to relay.

Problem solved it is definitely the starter motor. that lasted a long time for the price I pay for a bike I got 5 months out of it. Wow good work ktm


How many hours? 

48 hrs 780 miles

that sucks.  I havent heard of any starter failures on the new style.....yet.  The issues I have heard were the wrong bolt in the clutch cover going in.  Not sure if true on the 150w's.

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