2006 KTM 125sx Air Screw Setting

Does anyone know the stock air screw setting on the carb of a 2006 KTM 125sx?

Stock setting -  42-60F - 1 out and 61-78F 1.5 out.

So 1.5 out from closed right?

Well yes, from closed, given that you have the correct sized idle (pilot jet) to start with. Bob.

Thank you!

If I screw it in, is that richer or leaner?

Turn in richer turn out leaner


There is no "right" place for your AS. Adjust it as needed. The spec is just the middle of the adjustment.  

Agreed, but if the guy is asking these questions he is better going with the norm of around 1.5 out. If he is too far in he'll need to go richer on the idle and more than 2.5 our leaner on the idle. It  is a pretty good rule to go by with the Keihins to idle jet it for around 1.5 out. Bob.

Bob, you have been here long enough, time for a logo, photo, or something other than a grey circle....

Heh Heh, always the grey man. It is real good forum with lots of knowledgeable people. Actually have a picture, but it is of our bikes in the Show Us Your KTM page. LOL Bob.

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