dang gas tanks

does anyone have any tips for when you try to take your radiator shrouds off say a 2011 YZ250f and the round nuts molded into the gas tank is just spinning with the bolt? this happened on my 07 YZ450f and i just ended up buying a new tank just wondering if there is a different method for fixing or reusing this without buying another tank?

Do not over tighten

Use antisieze.

Better to loose a bolt than ruin a tank.

+100 on the anti-seize

Also, it is usually not necessary to remove the shrouds from the tank unless you are replacing one or the other.

If you are just removing the tank to work on the bike, leave them attached to the tank.


yep,unfortunately i didn't have a chance to anti seize anything as both bikes were used when we purchased them.. and we were changing radiators which is the only reason i was trying to get em off so i did just pull the tank but was looking for a solution because i know those ae gonna have to come off of the boys bike sooner or later as its his second year of racing and first year on a big bike so i'm sure we are gonna be changing some plastic out this year.  lol..

Gentle use of an impact driver. The longer they stay untouched, the more difficult they will be to remove. Also do the bolts on the exhaust, forks (triples and legs) and chain adjusters. Slide out the swing arm bolt and grease. All of these should be done regularly, even if no servicing is being done. You should also anti-seize every spoke. Loosen one, clean the threads, put it back, do the next. Good discipline for the boy to sit on a stool and do.

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