NEED HELP installing aftermarket fender elim kit

Could use some help if anyone has a minute. I am installing some new items on my 2017 250L. Just put in a K&N air filter and now I am trying to install a TST brake light/fender eliminator kit. Had some fitment issues with bracket on my 2017. I will make a new thread for review of TST items installed. (I really like the quality and look just a few things to make people aware of). The issue I am having is finding the flasher relay. TST does not supply instructions but rather has great quality videos but not for 2017 model and the flasher relay is not in the same as in their video that is on a 2016 I think. Anybody know where the flasher relay is on 2017 ? Thanks in advance for any help for a guy with his bike tore apart staring at the wall haha

Thanks dogger. I found this somewhere else online but I must be blind cause I still can’t find it. Was checking to see if someone had a pic or knew exactly where it is. Thanks again for reply. 

Maybe take a bunch of pics for us and someone can point it out for you.

Looking at the diagram it is on the right side. 

Switch your indicators on with the engine off and you should hear it clicking.

Thanks for the help guys, the company just emailed me back and said it’s under the rear brake resovoir. Time to get it done! 

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