Reinstalling Primary Gear

I currently have a full Hinson set up in my bike, but I want to put the stock stuff back in before I sell it possible to reinstall (rivet) the primary gear onto the oem basket?  If so, who's capable of doing it?  

Easy to do, if you have the rivets.

That's the problem...what rivets/setter do I use?

Obviously, those aluminum pop-gun rivets from the hardware store won't cut it.  

Assuming the OEM basket and the Hinson basket are the same thickness, I'd contact Hinson for the parts and tool. Or just leave the basket on the bike (I would)

I was planning on selling the complete Hinson step up separately, since it's not going to add any value to the bike.

I'll probably just see if I can find a used basket/gear for a decent price. 

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