MSR vs Pivot Works Bearings

Looking to rebuild rear end of new to me DRZ, but not sure if Pivot Works is worth paying extra or MSR is a good brand as well?


They'll both likely have the same cheap brand bearings that come from All Balls sets only in different packages . I order the bearings and seals from a bearing supply and get SKF (1st choice), FAG, MRC , or NTN brands . 2 @ #6904-2ZJEM  front and 2 @ #6004-2ZJEM   &  1 @ #6204-2ZJEM are the bearings needed for the S rims at least . Seals are 29mm x 42mm x 6mm  & 29mm x 47mm x 5mm rear , and 1@ 25 x 37 x 6 for the front .  You may notice some of the seals are installed "backward" in the rear hub at least, if they're still the factory ones , Suzuki does that with the idea that it keeps junk from going in rather the standard way that oil seals are installed ,which keeps the oil from getting out , don't ask which way is right .

Sorry I couldn't remember much .;)


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The key to bearing life is proper installation and maintenance. 99.9% of suspension bearing wear is do to contamination and inadequate lubrication. They almost never fail do to fatigue.

I've ordered bearing for M/C, lathe, mills even a lazy susan for a coworker from VXB.  Not sure if they send to Canida but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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