New Nemesis - 400CC Austrailian Bike


Looks like an Electric start XR400 motor with updated looks. Maybe we can scavenge parts off this bike and adapt to our bikes...


@vicxr400 I'm looking in your direction since you're on the continent :)

Interesting!  I cant say I have seen one of these before but you are right it does look close.  you don't like the swap from the TRX400ex?  seems to work good and all oem parts.  I will have a sniff around on these nemesis to see if I can get some more info. will post what I find out.  cheers

Pretty sure its a copy of a Yamaha engine. I could be wrong though. 

ok so I sent an email to sol invictus  yesterday asking for measurements of the crank shaft and con rod and availability of parts. theres not a lot of info on the net just basic specs so I figure go to the source. I have not heard back from them yet when I do il let yall know what they said.

no reply  a week later so I have sent another email to see if I can light a fire under theyr @%#&  will wait and see if they even bother replying will let yall know if any thing happens  ha ha ha.

Just a heads up, Sol Invictus are just a re-seller of this bike, the bike is sold around the world under different branding. You might be best tracking down the actual manufacturer. 

you seem to know more about it than I do so please have at it.:cheers: I was only sniffing around as this post was aimed at me for some reason??:excuseme: im starting to get the feeling the two are not compatible any way. :bonk:   if I were to spend a fortune converting my xr400 to e start I would get a TRX400ex as a donor. at least at the end of all the spending big and time and effort you have the piece of mind that there are all genuine Honda parts in there.  and a thought on saving some bucks if you have a shop press is instead of buying a complete crankshaft from the trx just get the left hand half (fly wheel/ stator side)and press it onto the xr crank. granted its not for every one but a whole heap cheaper if you have the tools and know how.

400cc model 185YMQ built by Shineray. 


I wonder if that's a licensed copy or just a copy. Seems to be same bore/stroke etc as the xr. 

Another interesting adaption is the bike comes with a fuel injection setup. hmmm the possibilities. 

Doing more research,  same bore/stroke, lower compression ratio (8.8), 6 speed, kick/electric start. 

6 speed.....Now i'm very interested.

wonder what they charge for them?? would be interesting to see if the whole engine is cheaper than robbing parts from a TRX. looks as though the intake manifold is different and the clutch actuating arm is in a different spot. so there would have to be some adaption to fit this shineray engine in the xr frame. nice find though almost a perfect copy.

WOW!! That's a good looking engine. Mounting points look the same as the XR400. I am now officially intrigued. 

On 11/20/2017 at 7:45 PM, Chicken Mac said:

6 speed.....Now i'm very interested.

Exactly!!! 6 Speed! Where do I get parts!

ok so I found the shineray Australia web site the site does not mention the 400cc engine so I sent them an email asking about it.   fingers crossed they reply.

as usual il let yall know what they say.


From what I saw online, that 400 is used in a scrambler type street bike. The off-road bikes only go up to a 250.

Also, the bottom on that engine more closely resembles an XR250 bottom to me, which might explain the 6 speeds.

6 speed,6 speed,6 speed,did I hear 6 speed?? That would be a godsend for xr400s. Transmission transplant? Probably wont be possible,but would make splitting cases and doing the e-start conversion more worthwhile,do both at same time. Happy Holidays Guys!


Seems way down on power compared to the original makers claims.  Also may only be 5speed,, sites claim both 5 and 6, so who knows!

         Shineray also owns the SWM brand which may also use the engine....


."""Many assume the motor is an XR400 clone, but it’s actually derived from the 400cc version of the similar, late-eighties kick-and-electric XBR500cafe retro (right), also sold in Japan as the ‘Manxified’ GB500.""""

""""Some specs
Engine: air-cooled 397cc SOHC 4 valve, EFI, electric and kick
Power: 26–29hp (sources vary) @ 7000 rpm **
Torque: 22 ft lbs (3.05 Mkg) @ 5500rpm
Weight: 151kg claimed
Alternator output: unknown
Seat height: 78cm/31″
Fuel tank: 13 litres
Wheel size: 18″/19″
Brakes: drum rear, hydraulic disc front
Suspension: twin shock with preload/35mm fork
** For comparison an XR400 has about 31hp and 26 ft lbs torque at 121kg dry. An XBR500was 43hp, 31.7 ft/lbs and 157kg dry. A 2015 Yamaha SR400 lists 23hp @ 6500, 18 ft lbs @ 3000rpm but 174kg!"""""

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