YZ325 ESR Big Bore Power Valve Question

I am just finishing up putting together an ESR 325 big bore kit and was wondering if you guys could help me out? The ESR cylinder uses a spring power valve and hence the power valve linkage attachment to the cylinder does not rotate like it does on the stock one. Because of this, I'm not sure if I should torque the bolt all the way down or leave it a little loose with loctite so it doesn't bind?  I am worried if I torque it down it will bind the linkage. If you have any insight I'd appreciate it. I tried to call ESR but I think they are closed today and I'd like to ride this weekend. I have attached a picture of the bolt hole I'm talking about and my almost completed engine. Any one have one and can shed any light?



Mine is Tightened, but not Torqued, this linkage is not used, it doesn't even move. Mine has been like that for over a year.


I don't know why you would even leave the linkage in.  Remove it and the governor completely.  Otherwise, yes, I would torque it down.  

Thank you for the replies. I spoke with another guy that has one, he got a longer bolt that bottoms out in hole just before the linkage gets tight. That way it is free to rotate if it wants to but is also torqued to spec. I copied this idea as it sounded like the best of both worlds. 

In regards to removing the linkage completely, I did think about it but then I'd have a hole where it comes out of the clutch cover for stuff to get into the clutch and trans. I figured ESR took the effort to make all the provisions to keep the linkage, there must be a reason. Is it just to keep debris out, or to keep the rotational inertia balanced, or something I haven't thought of yet? I'm not smart enough to know so I kept it.

I think the reason is people are lazy and most wont go through the extra effort to remove the linkage and governor.  Easy enough to plug a hole...

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