Aftermarket Bottom End Bearings

I know OEM is best way to go, but, looking at aftermarket options also.


Is there a crank bearing set to buy/avoid?  what about trans bearings kits to buy/avoid?  

Im looking at the Pro X for the crank bearings/seals and not sure on trans but looks like only hot rods kit available thru RMATV.  


I just put a set of All Balls main bearings in a 2002 yz250. They appear to be the exact same bearings as OEM (same exact markings on the bearings). The seals were lower quality though and a leak down test revealed the stator side had a small leak. I put OEM seals on both sides everything is great. I have used lots of Pro X products in the past and they have always been high quality and a great fit. I have not used their bearing kits you referenced specifically.

ProX will most likely to be KOYO bearings. But I can't confirm as I will only use OEM on cranks.

All OEM bearings can be pulled from partshark . com and then have RMATV match price. Even with shipping added, RMATV match w/Partshark will be a VERY GOOD price.

OEM seals are the only way to go also. 

I use Hot Rods main bearing a seal kits all the time on 125 and 250 they work fine. never had a bearing failure.

I like the hot rods better than the all balls (but still never had a failure)

Never used a ProX  the OEM main bearings have 8 balls and the Hot rods have 7 balls. 

If the Prox kit has 8 balls or is infact a KOYO bearing then that would be the way to go.  I recently installed a trans bearing kit from WPS and it was great all trans bearings and seals

I like to save money buying aftermarket kits since my boys are hard on the equipment and I got tired of buying OEM bearings and seals one at a time. Mostly because I am cheap and have too may bike to maintain

+1 to OEM seals

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