Auto timing chain tensioner trick

For those that still have the auto spring loaded timing chain tensioner that was on 05-whatever rmz 450s, I do recommend getting a manual one. But until you get one, here's a trick you can use to get adequate tension. This shouldn't be used as a permenant solution, I supposed it could be but for the amount of hassle over time doing it, just get a manual one. This is for a pinch.

1.set to tdc 

2.check existing chain tension

3. If you're like me, the tensioner doesn't put enough on it sooo

4. Loosen the bolts that hold the tensioner assembly to the head and pull the tensioner assembly back say maybe 1/4-3/8 of an inch.

5. Release the tensioner set screw so it extends that extra bit you just pulled out and lock it down.

6. Tighten the tensioner assembly back into the cylinder head, and check the tension on the chain as it's going in. If it Starts getting too tight, stop and pull the tensioner out and reset it, and try pulling it back less before releasing again.vice versa if too loose. May have some trial and error. Be careful.

7.if tension is adequate when tightened back in, rotate the engine twice and stop on tdc to check tension're good to ride.

8. Order a manual tensioner you cheapskate.

Will work in a pinch, but I still recommend buying a manual tensioner at your soonest convenience.

How are you determining that the OEM CCT is not providing adequate tension?

^^^ You'll either skip a tooth causing running issues, or you can hear the timing chain clanking around.

Also you'll be able to push down on the chain between the two cams and feel excessive play. The stock one may be ok for some time but everyone just jumps to a manual cct

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