Ktm525 super notary questions

Hello thumpers, I bought an 07 KTM 525 for commuting, as it gets me first on, and first off, and never missing a ferry I have to use to get to my place........ and a bit of frolic. Really wanted the dirt version, but they don’t come up very often, and never with so few miles as this one had so here I am. The rims are silly wide, and I wonder if I can fine some “trials type” tires that would even poorly fit,....on these rims? (Front 120/70/17 rear,160/60/17) On another note: The stock kick stand on this bike was designed by a deranged person, and makes the bike lean too far over. The billet unit I just installed, wisely uses fastener points many inches apart, and is strong like ox, but interestingly, has the bike too straight up and down, so near,y tipping over in a slight breeze.........probably due to the super motard wheels and tires? Hoping higher profile trails tires will resolve this a bit, as it is bearable now. I know the trials tires are a weird choice, but I like that they slide more easily and I can controllably slide them on pavement. These motard tires don’t slip until you are on the very edge, so sliding them on paved streets is a bit of a crap shoot...........dirt tires slide so easily, it’s easy to slide them without being on the ragged edge.



holy shit, you have a 525 supermoto your riding on the street, and you want to ruin it with dirt tires :bonk:

the stand is too tall for several reasons, 1 sm tires, 2 when used in dirt they usually sink in a bit.

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