camera insurance wanted

I just received a helmet camera and a new camcorder (yahoo!!!). Question is, does anyone know where I can get damage insurance for the camcorder? I'm primairily concerned that I'm going to fall on it. :)



Are there any rocks in Florida? I'd be more worried that someones roost would take it out.

What kind did you get? I have been thinking about getting one.

I got the "helmet camera" ( and as a package it looks decently rugged. The wire which goes to the camera is pretty thin, but the camera goes inside an aluminum housing with a replaceable plexyglass cover to protect the lense. It's also waterproof. Overall it's a nice package. If I fall I'm not at all worried about the helmet camera (maybe the wire), but I'm really worried about my camcorder! One thing that I did not realize is that you NEED the/a microphone (extra $30) if you want to hear anything. When you put the camcorder in VCR mode to record from the camera, the mic on the camcorder is turned off (at least on my camcorder). The service has been pretty good so far. They shipped it when they said they would ship it, they did accidentally leave out part of my order but one 2 minute phone call was all it took and they said it was their mistake and they would ship the remainder of the order the same day. When I made the initial order the sales person was in a good mood so they threw in a free mic. :D The camera gives a decent picture in the house, I haven't tried it on the bike yet. I'll post a message here after I try it out on the bike. :)

As for the camcorder, I'm looking for some insurance policy which will repair/replace it if I kill it, and I don't mind spending some on the policy because the chances of me falling on it are pretty good..hehe..

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if you crash tell you insurance broker that you fell off the roof, that way your home owners will cover it.

If he asks what you were doing on the roof with a helmit cam.

Kick him in the knee and run like hell :)

Serious:: You Home woners should cover I would think........

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Which camcorder? Does it have to be a special type?


Check with your home owners policy. I have a helmet cam with no case to put it in and use an old full size camcorder in a back pack. I was wondering if I crashed it if insurance would buy me a new one. I called my agent and he said that with my policy it would replace it. When he said "my policy" I took it to mean that maybe all policies wouldn't cover it. Check and see if you are that worried about it. I have done a couple of get offs with it on and it is fun to see what it looked like. Didn't break the cam or corder.

I wish mine would except a mic. I just dubbed some Godsmack in instead! Have fun!

Thanks for the tips. I called my insurance agent and my company (Allstate) only covers for typical homeowners stuff (fire, theft, vandalism) but nothing about dropping it, etc.. Thanks for the tips though. :)

Leif, I think that any camcorder with an analog input will work. The helmet camera that I got puts out an analog NTSC signal and you just plug that into the camcorder analog video input.

If you're in a country outside the US then you may want to check if your camcorder requires a PAL signal as opposed to NTSC.


Like I said, If you break it just tell hi ya fell off the roof wearing the helmit Cam !! :)

how much$$$$$was it?

I'm kinda bummed. I bought a camera a while back, but it has not inputs, just one output.

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