OEM Stator with incorrect wiring?

Hey guys. I have a 2009 KTM XCF 250 and I had to buy a replacement stator. I bought the OEM stator from motosport, but when I received ir I noticed not only were the wires different colors red/black red/white rather than green and red, but the connector is a male connector rather than a female connector. My old stator had the wires going into a female connector which connected into the male connector from the CDI. I'm unable to return the part so I'm trying to make it work. Are there any adapters? I'm having a hard time finding an adapter with female on both ends or some other way to get this to work without having to solder wires together.




An auto parts store will sell you bullet connectors and you can either clip one of the females and crimp/solder on a male or build yourself a short adapter. I would clip one of the current ones off and replace it, just because fewer connections is better and probably more reliable.

Go with a clip/connector of least resistance.

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