Anybody gone from KTM to Husqvarna?

Been a long time KTM guy. Last 3 bikes have been 250 XCW's...11', 15' and 16'. Love the KTM 2 Stroke XC/XCW's, but am tiring of orange and also have new bike-itis. Thinking of going white to cure my desire. Most likely would go TE-250 or TX300. Probably the TE though. Anyway, anyone here jumped on the Husky bandwagon from KTM over the last 2 years? If so, any regrets? I know the bike are darn near identical, sans a few small things, but any surprises or input, good/bad you can share?

Thanks Guy's.

ye..i had 2003 450exc, real work horse.but recently jumped too. 2008wr250, again work it the weight the turning. suspension is tuned alot for me, so i think ktm suspension will be missex..but overallll...Dont know if im going to be On orange again ..Good luck two smokes.working just as hars for me as the 4t 450..hope thats a help

If you are talking about new ones only, yea they are almost the same. Dealership is what made my decision. 


It’s always a tough choice when loading up to go for a ride :D


No its not.  Take the 2t no matter what color it is!

Its like going from riding your sister to your cousin, its all in the family.

What I find interesting is how different magazines rate the two in shootouts, even though they are basically identical. I guess if you are technical enough you could feel the difference with the composite airbox and the different swingarm, but there really isn't much difference between the two since KTM started producing them. The more closed airbox on the Husky does affect performance supposedly too.

rear linkage on the husky is the only main difference in the chassis. the husky also has slightly different valving I've heard. have not verified that though. husky just looks better

I have an 18 TX 300 and I love it! The suspension is amazing right out of the box! With the ARE all you need is a rear spring for your weight and you’re good. Infinitely adjustable suspension and same with the motor. IMG_2867.jpg

I have had 5 KTM's and my wife has a 200 xcw.  Same same but slightly different.  Very slightly, my TX vs the XC had different bars, different wheels, a the rear subframe is a composite.  Also last year it had a different hydro clutch, though they may be the same for 2018.  The pull is a bit softer which I like since I have wimpy hands, less effort but that probably comes down to taste.  The Husky had stupid frame guards that didn't do anything so I put Accerbis ones on like the one in the post above.  It didn't come with a skid plate either, that being said the stock ones are pretty so so anyway so I went with an AXP Extreme (Slavens) with linkage slide.   155 hours and just did piston, probably could of gone another 50 but it made me feel better with the new one.  Both bikes came with the same tires which I didn't particularly like.  Oh, the Husky seat is harder which is fine since I really don't sit and had to get a lower seat that brought it from super hard to ultra super hard.

I have a 17 te300 husky and my friend has a 17 ktm 300 xcw.

Similar bike...... yes..... but rides very differently.  

I did a little review you can find on here between them. Basically the husky came out on top and even my friend has said he bought the wrong bike. A xc ktm would be nearer though.

Anyone who's rode our bikes agreed that the husky rode better too.

Its certainly worth the slightly higher price tag 

After five years on a KTM 300, which was, up until now, the best bike I ever owned, I bought a 2018 300 TE in October.  Needs heavier springs for me (205#) but after that, and tuning it in with just the clickers, it is the best out of the box suspension I have had.  It needs some holes in the air box and jetting for altitude, that's about it.  V-Force reeds help a LOT.  It comes with a skid plate.  Seat foam is carved from a piece of solid oak, so look to Enduro Engineering, or even better, Seat Concepts for something that won't blister your backside.  I did not swap over my steering stabilizer to this bike because, after setting up the suspension, it never twitches even in the slightest degree.   So I bleed orange! Er, maybe white and blue... 

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