New to me 1985 RM250

Here’s my new 1985 RM250. Not running right now, I bought it as a project. Paid $440 for it. It needs the carb cleaned, throttle cable, and a CDI unit. I already looked up the CDI unit for the part number but was curious if a CDI from a different year bike (with a different part #) would work, wasn’t sure if maybe other CDIs just have a different mounting design or if the internals are completely different. Thanks! Here is a pic. 


I have a CDI from a 89 rm250 if it'll work for that year let me know

24 minutes ago, jcam69 said:

I have a CDI from a 89 rm250 if it'll work for that year let me know

According to the parts number 81-85 will fit. If I find out other years will fit I will let you know 

84 rm250 will definitely work. Had one new back in the day & rebuilding another one now.

Cool find!  I had an 86 rm250.  From what i remember the 86-88 was updated and again in 89.  It was a major bike change.  Swingarm/rear suspension was different.  Motor was updated, frame was different etc.  Not sure if the CDI would work but 81-85 rings a bell.  Suzuki was playing around with suspension a lot in that era and i think the only "major" change in 85 was the disc brake up front.

I got lucky on the CDI. There was an engine off an 85 RM250 on ebay so I sent the seller a message and asked if he had a CDI for sale, he listed it for $50 which is less than half of what most of the other sellers had it for. So the CDI is on order, grips, levers, clutch cable and throttle cable are also on order. Hoping to have this bike running by around the beginning of December. I guess we will see! 

Got a box full of parts yesterday. New levers, grips, and cables. CDI is supposed to be in today. Temp dropped outside so it’ll likely be this weekend before I’m out there putting everything on

Awesome find, great looking bike. Keep us updated =].

Long overdue update. Sorry about that. 

Got the CDI in and went to install  and realized the coil was bad. Ordered a new coil, hooked everything back up, one kick and she fired right up. Great! I got s running bike for less than $ i thought. 

Rolled it out of the garage, started it up and put it into gear. Immediate stall. Adjusted the clutch cable, put it into first and took off riding it. Shifted from 1st to go into 2nd and went back into neutral. This has repeated every time. I cannot get the bike into 2nd, even on the stand, sometimes I can find it and shift through to 3rd or 4th but then I click up again and it drops back into neutral. 

Any ideas? I’m stumped. 

probably something worn in the tranny - meaning you have to split the cases

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