Vinyl wrap frame ?

Got a few chips from the boots etc on the frame on my yz (steel frame) .. has anyone used vinyl wrap on this area to make it look a bit fresher ?

It's going to peel off or rub through VERY quickly. Wouldn't waste your time.

I put carbon fiber vinyl on mine (thicker than normal vinyl) and its held up for about 20 hours of riding where my boot rubs. Its rubbed through now but doesn't take long to put a new piece on and its not super expensive

Vinyl is too thin and will just shred. Other than plastic frame guards the only thing I'll use is skateboard grip tape.

Just buy ufo frame guards or acerbis x guards. Their plastic and cheap enough to replace if they break its nothing. Also if you want a quick fix for boots rubbing through, try skateboard grip tape. Its like $5-10 a sheet at a skateshop. I got blue on mine and its held up great. Although your boots "may" get tore up quicker if you dont sand it down a bit at 1st.

You shoudl definitely do camo wrap.

Try rubber grip tape. It doesnt eat your boots like state tape. 


 Ive found it locally with difficulty but online is easy.

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