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hello everyone I hope I have posted in the right section, I am new to this website and new to mx bikes.

I bought a wr426 and shortly after the engine broke.

I posted here and was advised to part the bike out, I decided to get it fixed anyway.

they put a 450 engine into the bike instead of another 426 and now it doesn't have a decompression lever.

I know practically nothing about engines or bikes as this is my first one.

I plan to buy a set of wheels so I can ride on the street and have another set for off road.

are all bike wheels similar in size or am I looking for a specific size?

a guy told me the best ones to get are XL rims and tyres.

I will need to buy them second hand.

The 450 motor has an auto decompression setup on it, no need for a decomp lever.

For the wheels, best bet would be to just get another set like you have and put dual sport tires on them. You'll likely need to stick pretty close on year and bike model as axle sizes change all over the place through the years and models. But you can search around the internet and maybe find a list of other model/year/brand wheels that will cross reference to your bike.


Thankyou for your help! 

I have found a set of wheels from a 2004 yz 450 for 180 euro, do you think they will fit my bike? They look the same

They have nobblys on, do you recommened getting dual sport tyres over road tyres? They will only be used on road because i have the other set for off roading

The YZ rear is going to be a 19" rim, check for availability of dual sport tires for that size. Plus, make sure the axles are the same size. A lot of times the YZ and WR used a different diameter.




How do i check the axel sizes? 

Is the axel the bar that goes threw the wheel?


Yes it is. You'll have to check the diameter, which is hard to do if you don't have the other wheels in hand. Like I mentioned before, do a Google search for fitment cross references. I've seen them for other bikes, should be something around for yours.
Side note, 2003 WR450 wheels fit on my 2003 YZ, so you might get lucky with yours.

But you'll still have the possible limited availability of 19" street tires.


Your right 19" wheels are hard to get ill look around more.

Ive been searching online for a couple of nights now and im not really coming up with anything.

Hard to believe you cant just bolt up a different yamaha street bike wheel or something.

I found these on ebay, still not sure they would fit though.


for sale in my area is a set of 17" dr650 supermoto wheels I asked the seller if they would fit my bike and he didnt know either.


Just do a Google search for axle cross references. Search on here even, I've seen whole list write ups on axle sizing and what will fit what, how I double checked that the WR wheels would fit my YZ.

Covered many times on here before

Have you searched at all?

Find your bike in the table below, read across to find which column has entry with rim size/diameter. Any other bike with an entry in same coulmn means its wheels will fit. Mx bikes have 19" rears though



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I did search around yes!

Im new to these bikes, and its a lot to take in!

Now i have the size from the chart but i still dont know what wheels will fit my bike.

I am looking at a set of used 17" supermoto wheels that are on a 1992 dr650 can you tell me if they will they fit my bike?

Highly unlikely they will bolt straight up

With time, money and the right equipment anything can be made to fit but WR wheels are so plentiful on eBay its hard to justify not buying the right wheels

What year is your bike as there are 2 different types of front wheels fitted the 426

Rears are very commom but the esrly 426 has a less common front. Does the front wheel hub have a smooth centre or are there 4 ribs runing from side to side space equally around the hub. Post a pic if unsure



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