Accidentally removed cam tensioner. What fluid?

So, I went to do my first oil change on my crf110 and sure enough i did the wrong bolt. Based on my googling it looks like i opened up the bolt for the cam tensioner (spring and shaft shot out). 


Im pretty sure I got everything back in correctly. The metal shaft with plastic tip first, the tapered end of spring, then bolt. 


So my question is:

- what’s the fluid that cam out and how do I top it off? Not a ton came out, but I want to be safe. I think I read some where that it’s just engine oil, but won’t to be sure. 

- do I need to be concerned about it’s anything needing to be adjusted?

Thanks in advance with helping me out with this learning mistake ;)

It is indeed engine oil that came out, no big deal as long the the oil level isn't below the end of the dipstick. The tensioner is self-adjusting, no action needed .

Yup, just as dirtbkr188 said, it was only as little engine oil, no biggie. Put the  spring back, bolt in (do not over tighten it) and you will be fine.

Before you ever take any bolts out, understand the function of the bolt to eliminate surprises. :) I suggest getting a service manual. Also study the parts pages (online everywhere) for tips regarding 'what to expect'.

Thanks for the info.

i got everything back in and started her up. Now i’m getting a subtle clicking sound. Is there a special alignment to the tensioner?

Adjust the tensioner, tons of info on this site

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