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2012 Honda CRF250R preventative maintenance questions

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Im about to pick up a 2012 honda crf250r but i do not have any previous maintenance history on the bike avaliable to me other than what is obvious cosmetically. It has an hour meter with 110 hours on it and by the looks of the clutch cover and stator cover that is for sure accurate but the motor and aluminum have no dirt staining like alot of bikes ive seen. It looks to be a very well maintained bike that a serious rider/racer owned previously though. It start easily cold and hot. Does not smoke or make any bad noises either. My understanding is that when a 250f reaches the 100 hour mark, a complete rebuild is recommended. This is the 2nd 4 stroke ive owned and im wanting to keep this one long term so i would really appreciate advice on the next steps i should take after i purchase the bike for my intensions of keeping it for awhile. Also im going to be racing hare scrambles in 250B so a fairly fast pace and also some mx here and there. I really want to put together the most reliable/ low maintenance build possible with this bike so im not looking for more horsepower, really just wanting to keep that close to stock and ill be happy. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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First thing id get would me service manual. its the bible. 

get the hot cams shim kit and check your valves every 8 hours or so. i have 05 crf250 that i ride pretty hard. Im very particular when it comes to maintenance, and i attribute that to not having a single issue since i bought the bike at the beginning of the year. 

After every ride- change both oils, clean & grease all areas, especially wear areas (linkage, chain, guides) little bit of lube dropped on wheel spacers/bearings and steering stem bearings. bleed forks. clean and oil cables. 

After every other ride- Still change both oils. New air filter. New oil filter. Same greasing oiling procedure.

this has kept my bike starting on 1st kick cold or hot and has never left me in a bind. FWIW 

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Check the valves to start with. Air filters and oil are the biggest thing.
I would think about doing a top end tare down and inspection. You can inspect the crank, piston, head, valves, seats.
If you're looking for reliability and you want to spend, complete rebuild it.

As far as suspension is concerned, it's a good idea to disassemble and clean/grease linkage, swing arm, and grease your wheel bearings.

If your changing your transmission oil, pop off the clutch cover and have a look at your clutch baskets and plates. Sadly race bike clutches get used and abused.

The only after market thing I would consider is a full exhaust system.

Give us some pictures. I have the exact bike, and I will post on Saturday.

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One thing that usually gets forgotten in 'preventative maintenance' is suspension components.


For motocross style riding, that can mean new fork oil and bushings every 30 hours or so,

and the shock's oil and bladder charge (nitrogen) at least once a season.


The old oil will gradually deteriorate the damping qualities but more importantly 

it will wear the suspension internals even more by accumulating metallic debris.


New suspension components are expensive to replace and unfortunately unlike KYB

which as a US based distributor/online catalog, Showa components can be more problematic to locate.

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