KLX 650 Exhaust Cam

I had my ACR break off of the exhaust cam and it seems to be irreparable. I'm wondering if anyone has some good leads on finding a replacement as Kawasaki no longer makes them. Maybe looking for a parts motor?

I don't think Web Cams(or any of the other aftermarket) will use the decomp so a good battery will be needed . I use LiFe PO4's for 2 high comp motors without decomp systems. This would be a good chance to help this motor breath better .  These pins breaking off is a common issue with the KLR's and is the same system used here . One fix to help others before this happens is to keep an eye on them a reweld the pin if it shows to be loose or replace with a new one and weld back in. Also routinely replace the spring as they get weak and let the arms flutter .



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