Need two shims

Here is a shim that was broke in the exchange valve on shock. Don't know how it even happened or what could have caused it to break. These two pieces is all that was in it. I couldn't find the third piece or know were it could have gone.

This shim sits on top the the wave washer or wave shim.


Where can I get these shims at? The sizes are

Wave shim= 21.4 x 0.11 x 18.4

Broken shim= 21.4 x 0.80 x 17.5


Would SDI or Technical Touch have these?


Scrap shock on eBay ?

The Technical Touch KYB catalog only shows the complete comp. assembly, no individual internal parts.

The Technical Touch KYB catalog only shows the complete comp. assembly, no individual internal parts.

I talked to Dave J. And he said he had these. I can't understand how this shim broke and on top of that they were only two pieces. There was a piece missing that makes up the shim.

Had to been done like that from the Factory. Reason why is.....the nut on back of the exchange valve hadn't never been off......smh

Took the Bike out to the Track over the weekend. Tried out the DDT Kit that Dave J built for my YZ250 smoker.
All I can say is that Dave J can surely build a kit. He made it exactly like I wanted it. Before my bike had 48 kg springs in forks and a 5.4kg shock spring.

I had some issues with the Forks being kinda stiff up front but they also were to soft with the 44kg springs. So Dave Johnson used a combo of them. He had me use a 48kg spring on o e side and the 44kg spring on the other.
Went back to the 4.9kg spring on rear.
The way he had me valve the rear and the Forks made this bike handle like a dream on the track. Can't believe how he nails it on the first go at it.


That orange towel just ain't right!

Lol.....just something clean to lay stuff on.

Just funnin', rainy day and you were the first target I spotted. :thumbsup:

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