Front suspensions settings or tire or both

I have an 02 WR426F and I have not changed anything with the suspension. The bike is new (in January out of the crate) and I am confused about suspension settings and in fear of making things worse I have neglected to change anything with the suspension. It still has the stock front Dunlop tire. My problem is when in sandy, gravely or loose dirt the front end wants to wash out on me no matter what. It is now driving me crazy and I am sure it can get better with adjustment. I have read on the forum that the stock tires are junk, so if that is the problem then I will change that. But I am sure that changing the settings on the suspension will help out greatly. Any advice on getting the front end to hook up better? Thanks in advance!!! :)

The stock tire sucks in those types of conditions. I took mine off when it was new and threw on a 755. The stock tire works ok in rocky stuff so save it for that trip.

For your suspension. In the manual is the stock settings on the clickers. The settings are out from full in. Turn them in till they stop clicking but don't over tighten them. Then set them to your stock settings for compression (Bottom) and rebound (Top). Then bleed the air off. You do that by loosening the screws on top of the fork legs that are not in the center of the top cap. Now you can see where you are. I would bet you need to go a little softer on your compression, that would be more clicks out on the bottom.

If you start playing with it and it gets wierd go back to your stock settings. I keep a log of all my changes and what I think, good and bad. Then if I find something I like or don't for certian conditions I can go back to those settings without guessing.

One other thing that really factors in to handling is the rear shock sag. The instructions for setting that are in your manual too. I would make sure that you have that set correctly also.

Good luck.

Read the Handling problems thread, this is being discussed in there. Lots of good info. :)

I,m with dog on this one. Can the Dunlop and go with a Maxis IT front and set rebound and commpression as per manual. I found myself going to softer settings for desert riding. Be sure and set your rear spring sag before any turning of the rear clickers, I prefer 4in. of sag on mine.

Try that advice and enjoy the ride. :)

go out 2-3 clicks on the fork rebound setting.

Bleed the forks from air.

Test it.

Had the same problem and going out (decrease) on the rebound helped me.


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