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Xr650r flywheel scratched

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I got a stator kit for my xr650r from Ricky stator earlier in the year.. 
had some issues with the bike starting recently.
I think I've narrowed it down to electrical.

I was looking for some good stator testing guidance.

I get no resistance on the brown/black combo off the stator. The pickup coil is good with 23 resistance.
Should I be getting resistance from those other two?

Looks like something fell off and put some damage on the fly itself. There were some metal shavings in there. No idea what caused this, thinking maybe the stator itself. See pic.


Would the missing green coating on the coils cause a problem, or damage?

Additionally, I blew the oil seal in there and all the fiberglass is falling off the two coils.. can I just rewind the fiberglass?

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I would replace both, plenty of spares knocking about on eBay, last thing you want is a bike which lets you down.

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