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2016 TE250 Shifting Issue

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I bought this bike 2nd hand from a guy I ride with so I know a little about it’s history. He rides hard but doesn’t abuse the bike. The bike had an odd shifting issue where it wouldn’t downshift easily. Sometimes the pedal wouldn’t depress and would be “stuck” while other times the pedal would click down but it wouldn’t actually shift gears. Upshifting never had a problem. I changed the fluid and it got a very slight amount better but still had issues.


I then went online and purchased a new husky shift shaft with the pawl, spring and everything else. Got the bike back together with fresh fluid and the shifting was like butter and felt brand new I was super excited!


Here I am now 2 rides and 8 hours of single track later and I’m starting to feel the shifter get difficult to downshift again. The bike has a rekluse could this be related? I adjusted it as per the manual so it’s all in spec. I might try to change the fluid from my fancy Castrol oil I use in my 500exc to regular old non-synthetic rotella as I would hate to spend another $90 on the shift shaft and all the seals I replaced during the repair for every 8 hours of riding!



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had the same problem wean my normal clutch needed bleeding so i am gassing the rekluse is not disengaging engnath there is a way to tune the

rekluse but i couldn't care engthe about rekluse to learn it 

i have the normal clutch with the 270 spring know and it works great at almost 200h

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