Yz450fx electrical issue (I think)

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with similar issues. 2016 450fx. 100 hours.


Was riding yesterday, and everything was awesome. Running like a champ like normal. Then, out of clear blue sky, starter button stopped spinning starter, except for when the motor was running, and immediately after turning motor off. After bike sat for more than 10 seconds, button no longer activated the starter motor. But, was still activating the fuel pump.


Then, within minutes of this showing up, the bike starts missing/cutting out at all levels of rpm range, but definitely more noticeable when running steady rpm at low end.


Limped back to truck, and came home.


Wondering if 2 were related, I replaced the battery, and that helped nothing that I can tell. Button still doesn't turn starter.


So, are these things related? Or wild coincidence?

Fuse under seat 

Sounds like a loose battery terminal

It is reaching out there but I moved the plastic tie on the handle bars and it let enough slack in the wire for the start button to get pinched in the handle bar stop.

Let us know what you find.

I honestly think the new battery fixed it. I'm am understanding, that all the electronics are run from the battery, and not the stator. The new battery got the starter button working again, and it's spinning faster than ever. It ran fine in garage, but real test will come Sunday. That's why I have been hesitant to say anything.

I will report back after I thoroughly test it out.

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