'97 SX 250 leaking oil out stator cover

Went riding yesterday on my '97 SX 250, was a good shakedown run after the top end build. Got stuck in a washout and seen some oil dripping from my stator/ignition case was clearly tranny fluid.

The drip was significant and we headed back to base, parked up bike and dripping stopped after 5 min or so (not a massive amount came out), so we decided we would go for a little ride and pull cover later to find source of leak.

Rode no further than 50m and she started sputtering and breaking down, eventually stopping and wouldn't start again. I am guessing the oil in the stator housing has fouled everything up and I lost spark. But that is just a guess at this stage.

My cousin reckons it is the crank seal leaking the oil, and I am in conflict with him as aren't all the crank bearings lubricated by the fuel mix???

I think I have a knackered clutch disengaging shaft seal as this would be the only thing in stator case that would have direct access to tranny fluid, am I wrong?

I have yet to pull the cover and inspect yet, but will be tonight after work, just wanting to sound out my suspicions and hopefully gain some insight before doing so from people with greater experience.

Thanks in advance.


Huh. Never really heard of anything like this. Usually a left side leaking crank seal will only result in a crankcase air leak, resulting in a overly lean mixture of the air fuel mix, as far as I know anyways. 

I am not terribly familiar with the bike or crankcase design, but maybe there is a crack in the casing where trans fluid can seep into the stator housing from the tranny. 

Well that's what I thought in regards to the crank seal too, but the clutch disengaging shaft is housed in the case, and has a seal that is going to be my first check.

Well I popped the stator cover off, and we definitely have oil coming out the clutch shaft, will get a new seal and change out. I have some spark, looks like I only fouled my plug, but will check in finer detail when I have the seal and am doing that.

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