Husky 511... TE or TXC

Hey all.

Looking to upgrade my 01 TE 570.

Am considering a 511 but can’t make up my mind on a TE or TXC.

Would only be rec reg’d

Mostly bush tracks. Rocky and gravel.

Some single trail but not a huge amount

Most tracks round here are pretty fast 4wd tracks.

Looking at a 2012 model.

Anything I should look out for with either model or pros cons etc?

Any info would be hugely appreciated


Get the TXC as this had better FI mapping and timing. It also didn't have any EPA garbage. Overall it's a good bike but a little on the heavy side. Depending on price there are better bikes out there that you will not need to hoard spare parts.

Yeah. Price is a huge factor at the moment. $4k is my budget. Maybe stretch a little for the right bike.
I was leaning towards the TXC. Heavy is ok for me I’m used to heavy bikes. Plus my riding is faster tracks rather than technical. Cheers for the reply

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