D36 cut off times for last lap?

Norcal Peeps- Noob question, looking to try some D36 events next year. Did the HHORA a couple times and had a lot of fun. In the grand prix style races for example, if the race time on the flyer shows 90 minutes, what is the cut off for example to be allowed the last lap? 

the rules are different for different race formats- hare scramble, grand prix, etc.  when 90 min is up you will finish the lap you are on. sometimes you may not get a white flag just the checker. since the checker  flag is thrown after 90min and not until the leaders come through it can get dicey for staff as they have to predict when the leaders will be finishing to throw the white flag. in a grand pre you do not have to take the checkered flag for a legal finish. in a hare scramble you do. copy of D36 rules should be found on their website.

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