16 350XCF - Dropping to 13T Front - Do I need new chain?

After riding my new (to me) bike for a month or so, I have made the decision - I am dropping my front sprocket on a '16 350 XCF to a 13T. Will I need a new chain? If so, how do I go about picking the right one? THANKS!


Great choice in a bike!  There are too many variables involved here to make that determination without either seeing the chain and sprockets or knowing a little history about the final drive setup. Also, maintenance plays a key roll here.

I would inspect the current sprocket teeth to see if they are starting to show signs of wear. If the teeth are starting to lay over I would change both sprockets and the chain. Mixing an old chain with a new sprocket – or vice versa – will shorten the life of either. 


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