what is dis broke part on my carb?

what is this part? it's just brass sitting in there, w/o black plastic on it. should I just cover it?

yamaha carb brok.JPG

What model / year bike ?

OK I checked your profile and found other threads mentioning a TTr225,

from online pics that looks to be an float bowl overflow or vent.

If you block it off, in the event of high fuel level (bike leaned over too far, steep inclines etc.)

it will make the engine run rich rather than dumping off the extra fuel to the ground.


Is your carb similar to this pic:


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yeah it's a flat slide mikuni. Mine had a plastic cap on top of a brass part, shaped like an L, connected to a down tube, but the plastic part snapped, and you can't buy just that part online.  I can't imagine how to fabricate an equiv part, but it looks like I'm going to have to!

it's a 2004, I think.


I'm guessing it's broken off but some brass part (with a hole in the center) remains inside the carb body.


If you can find the proper diameter tube, say like an automotive brake line

you could punch a 1" length of it into the hole and simply slide a rubber hose on it.


As far as sealing it, as long as no dirt and water get into it, the fuel level should never slosh

that high in the carb unless the conditions I mentioned in the earlier post.

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looks like an atmospheric vent. lets air out of the fuel bowel as fuel comes in if you block it youl probably have issues with getting fuel into the carb.

as suggested find a piece of brass tube that is a tight fit tap and or glue it in and fit some rubber tube to that about as good as your going to get.

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