WP Xplor forks, preload adjuster VERY hard to turn


I have a 2017 KTM 300 EXC/XC-W and the screw caps of my WP Xplor forks have been replaced (by a local mechanic) with the ones with preload adjusters (that comes on 6 Days models and Husqvarna). The problem is that, only at the left compression side, the preload adjuster is really hard to turn from +0 to +3 and impossible to turn from +3 to +6. All the work was done with the proper tools and tightened at the correct torque by the manual. If the fork is removed from the triple clamps it helps a little but it is still much harder to turn than the right side rebound fork.

Any clues of what might be the problem?

If it's anything like the old style ones, I'd suspect a buggered thread?

My 2017 FE450 with Xplor preload adjusters (stock) are the same.  If you remove the caps, they turn easily, once they are installed and are under tension (spring preload) they become hard to adjust.  I do find it easier if the bike is on a stand with front wheel off the ground though.



Yes you have to put the bike in a stand to adjust the preload. I’m doing it in a stand and it is still very hard to adjust the left side.

So this IS a thing huh? I can get the right side to adjust on my '17 FE 501, but the left gets 2/3 of the way to "+3" and I don't feel comfortable wrenching on it enough to get it to go the rest of the way. The right fork is tough but I can get it with my fingers, but the left I can't get to go with even a little help from some hand tools, even with the bike on a stand.

Doesn't look like you guys have found a solution huh?

I haven’t. But since a got the correct springs for my weight, I stop bothering about changing the preload. Did you bike came with the preload adjuster from factory or did you bought it from KTM Powerparts?

My bike came with them from the factory.

I am really considering spring changes for my weight.

Any luck on this one guys? I watched the rocky mountain video and installed them per the video tools and all. My right side is the one that is hard to adjust but gets a little easier when the bike is on a stand. My bike did not come with these on them and everything I can find about the fork is more and more companies just wanting to sell you rebuilds or revalving services. I have changed the spring rate for the forks based on my weight but thought these would add easy adjustment and it seems as if that is not the case. Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find anyone that is extremely versed in this fork.


The preload adjusters where made to be adjusted with the bike on a stand, always. If you force it with the bike on the ground, then you can damage it.

Anyway, I still can't turn my left side adjuster to +6 position. I can only turn from +0 to +3, but on +3 the spring preload already changes dramatically. Actually the manual does not even consider the +6 setting. It recommends comfort and standard on +0 position and sport on +3.

The only advantage I see on using the preload adjuster is if I decide to ride on a racetrack doing big jumps, which I don't do. IMO there is no use for fine tuning your forks if you do hard enduro on closed trails. The first thing is getting correct springs for your weight (took me 20 years to learn this...) and then, at least in my case, the compression and rebound clickers are enough to fine tune.


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