YZ 125 Shock length changes

Does anyone know if the yz 125 or 250 has ever changed the shock length on the steel framed bikes? It seems like maybe there was a change around 03 but I can't remember. I used to know this stuff but forgot and I can't find it anywhere. I am not looking to swap shocks but rather looking at geometry changes. I'm pretty sure all the aluminum framed YZ 2-strokes have the same length. 

SDI Elite might be able to tell you. They are one of the biggest suspension retails and have all kinds of references.
Either that, or email technical touch Racing if you don't find out from TT or SDI.

Believe the YZ and 125 change was 2006 with an 18mm shaft. As far as length, it was the 2 stroke 4 stroke, w/4 being longer by 5mm. But I am not 100% sure. As stated, a suspension shop could answer that easy. 




Etc. etc. etc.

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