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TYGA YZ250 Jetting specs

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Just rode with the new TYGA pipe, and was wondering where everyone else has been jetting it to?
Head has been milled to tighten squish to .035, and the cc volume was set to 20cc.
Timing was retarded to .12 BTDC 
88 OCTANE non ethanol 40:1 Yamalube R pre-mix
I was at 6500 ft, and 55 degrees. 
168 main
needle #3 on the JD red needle
45 pilot
A.S = 1 1/4
I'm thinking of going to 170 main and leaning out the needle to #2.
The TYGA seemed to load up in the mid range when sitting after cooling down? where the Dr. D didn't? 
Might be some scavenging issues going on? 

I tested the Dr. D pipe, and the Doma pipe, and the Dr. D and the TYGA are real close, but I will say the TYGA seemed to have a bit more on the bottom and mid.
The DOMA pipe which I have ran for many years on many YZ250's.... well, just wasn't even in the same spectrum.

Anyway, let me know what you guys are running.

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I'm not sure how helpful this will be as we have different setups, but I don't see too many folks at our altitude so.. 

Yz250 pro circuit platinum pipe. Factory cylinder and timing. 

91 no ethinol pump gas

Golden Spectro at 50:1


I'm at 7000'  50-60 degrees

Pilot 45

Red needle #2 clip

Main 168


Bike is running great


Hope this helps a little. 



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