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MP chain tool

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Greetings all, long time no see


Got a question re chain fitting. Picked up a new did x ring chain & sprocket after snapping the chain. I have one of those Motion Pro mini chain press tools, which I think is for the clip style master link and wont rivet the master link. Tool as per link below, any good for what I need? I want to rivet the link...





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lol I do feel a tit now...adding a link that answers my own question! In my defence I bought it off a sight without a description, but still that doesn't mean I'm not a tit haha!


Right, looks my chain install will be on hold for a little longer than I had envisaged. Kompact, the MP in your link looks awesome, but I'll be buying in the UK and that item costs about $20 more. How does the DRC version look?




As an aside, I'm guessing the mini tool I have would be ideal for the trails if I carry a split link with me as an emergency recovery?


edit. just watched the video, I'm sold..MP PBR it is!

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45 minutes ago, dturk said:

just watched the video, I'm sold..MP PBR it is!

You'll be happy you spent the money on it. For me it falls under the category "You'll enjoy the quality long after you forget the price".

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I've got the MP trail tool and a few other bits & pieces, all great kit. Gotta hand it to them they really pay attention to detail.

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