Can I remove just a little bit of the fork oil from my forks...?

So I rebuilt the forks on my 08 450r recently and went with 360cc of oil in each one. The forks were still too stiff due to the previous owner weighing 290lbs and the forks being valved for MX - I didn't mess with the valving and I ride woods - It has been suggested that I remove another 30cc of oil and try that (?) .... But is there a way to just remove that amount while they are still on the bike (Bleeder port?)... just curious :D

Nope. You wouldn't do it as easy as pouring all the oil out. Re measuring. And pouring new amount in.
While still on the bike...not anyway I'd like to do it

Ok sounds good,.. I have to change the Front brake rotor as well as wheel bearings and seals,.. plus I just got some 1-1/8" bars for it, so I guess I'll just pull the forks and do it..

Hum,.. do you unscrew the caps and just empty the outer tubes,.. I'm assuming you don't have to do anything with/to the damper assembly correct...?


Werner, if it is a CC fork with airbleed there is no need to open the forks completely - just pull the forklegs from the bike, remove the airbleedscrew, turn the leg upside-down and squirt 10cc in a coffeecup or whatever. Try to remove the same amount of oil from both legs. Install them back on the bike and ride a few laps to find out if you like the feeling. If the fork bottoms heavily you can inject oil back into the fork through the same airbleed hole with a syringe. The easy way is to find a syringe that fits the hole snugly and while having the bike on its wheels fill the syringe with 5cc. Now put the bike lift under the bike and while lifting the bike inject the oil into the fork. The fork will act as a pump and help you to suck the oil in.

Cheers, Harty


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It is much easier to add oil than remove it. For that reason I suggest removing 40cc first and then ride. It will not cause any issue,  I rum mine at 320cc for woods use. If the springs and valving is still set for a 290 lb guy you have nothing to worry about at 320cc. I use a ratio rite or a little glass that shows CC's I found at Walmart in the kitchen section. Tons of stuff in there that is useful in the shop.

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Yeah they are the factory TC Showa forks that came on the bike... 

the valving is still for the 290 lb / Mx rider, but I have put the factory springs back in them when I rebuilt the forks,.. but still WAY too stiff for woods riding!

maybe this weekend I'll get to them... 

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