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Trailtech X2 headlight - is there a way to not connect it directly to the battery?

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I couldn't see anywhere else appropriate to ask a question like this, hopefully General is good place to ask.  The thechnical forums were all very specific for other topics and seem to cover headlights.


I'm about to install a Trailtech X2 headlight on my 2007 WR250F.  I don't have the headlight in hand yet, it's still in shipping.  When reading the install directions it actually wires directly to the battery which seems like a bad idea for a guy like me because I'll forget to turn off the light kill the battery pretty much immediately.  Does anyone know if it is possible to wire up a light like this to the harness in the same way the stock headlight is so that the ignition will turn off the light when switched off?  My 2007 Yamaha has an ignition that I can turn on or off in a similar way to having a keyed ignition but it's simply an on/off button.  


I've talked to Trailtech support and they said they don't offer a harness that will allow it to be part of the normal ignition wiring. Any information would be appreciated. 

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Disregard, after quite a few phone calls to Trailtech and Sicass Racing the Trailtech X2 halogen light will plug directly into the stock harness, and the Sicassracing dualsport lighting harness.  


Hope this help someone.  My parts are in the mail, I'll come back and report if there is a fitment issue.


Thanks all.

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