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Stalling after throttling

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Hi guys,

My 97 XR400R is stalling after throttling. ex:

- If i accelerate and then pull the clutch in (disengaged) and decelerate, it stalls.

- If i give throttle in neutral or in gear with the clutch in (disengaged), and then release the throttle, it stalls.

Have any of you solved a similar problem? Any ideas on how to solve it or what the problem may be?

Currently i have a 158 main jet and 62 slow jet. 200m above sea level and 25C temperature.


EDIT: exhaust tip installed, airbox noise supressor removed. I know they should both be either removed or installed, but i didn't have this issue before with another carb (both keihin xr400 stock).

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The first thing I would do is remove the fuel screw, account for all parts, screw, spring, washer, and an intact, good condition oring, then clean that passage with carb cleaner.

Be sure the screws tip is intact, not broken off.

I think the 62 pilot may be a little rich for that elevation. Try a 58.

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