What is the best and lightest enduro boots on the market?


I am looking for a new enduro boot. I have been using only Alpinestars since I started riding 20+ years ago. Today I have a Tech 8 that I bought in 2011 and it is starting to fall apart.

What are the most lightweight (but still protective) boots on the market today? I do mostly technical trails and usually ride for 5-6 hours. I'm 6'4 (194cm) tall and a lot of times I have to raise my legs to pass on deep ditches, so weight is a very important factor as long it does not compromise protection.

All hi-end boots claim that they are the most lightweight on the market but surprisingly they never say their actual weight. From my research I read about Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS, Gaerne SG-12, Alpinestars Tech 8 RS, etc. I have also seeing good reviews of the Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro version. Some people say that the hi-end boots more focused in MX (large jumps) and I should look for the mid-hi line of boots. Is this true?

I am currently wearing a pair of Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots and couldn’t be happier.  I’ve had the boots for three years and they are wearing very well.  Super lightweight, stay dry in wet conditions, I can feel the controls very well and it’s easy to replace the sole.  I loved my Gaerne SG-12 boots but they were very heavy and more geared towards MX. 

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