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So once again I post about my 2015 CRF450R forks. I can happily say that I am upgrading to a 2017 CRF450R shortly. However, I may decide to keep my 2015 if I can find the proper forks for it. I understand that the 12/13 CRF250R forks will slide right in. Apparently the 09-12 CRF450R KYB forks will also work....albeit with front rotor mods.

Does anyone have any leads on a pair of either of these forks for sale. Looking for legitimate sale from someone who's reputation can be vouched for. They should be in good shape. A rebuild is fine, I'll be tearing into them anyway. Scored or dented lower tubes are a no-go. Willing to pay a fair price for legitimate forks from an honest fair seller. Help, please. I've scoured ebay, kijiji and every other site with absolutely no luck. Turning to the masses on TT for a little help.

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