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From the first time I saw a dirt bike, I was hooked. My true loves are 125 2 stroke  red dirt bikes. I've watched over the years as our sport went from nothing to finding out it's the MOST PHYSICALLY DEMANDING SPORT ON EARTH, A great and mighty title. A humble sport driven by the rider's who did it. A sport using single cylinders, a small amount of fuel for time raced, how can u beat dirt bikes?  2 stroke or 4 stroke MX bikes are the baddest. A sport being tarnished by outside forces. Emission standards, insurance prices and other crap are conspiring to end our freedom to ride. We are a minority of people, who love and ride Dirt bikes. Who can we count on as allies in our WAR for Justice?  I think most people like Dirt bike's. If we could bring the sound down on them, even better, but to drive our sport forward we need people who love the sport, to be in charge of the sport. I'll say it like this if I was KING of MX. Fair racing for both 2 and 4 stroke. 2, 2 stroke classes and 2, 4 stroke classes, sounds pretty simple.... Maybe even separate the strokes to separate tracks.. One thing I know the bike manufactures should of stood up with the riders and every other supporter of MOTO and fought for fair racing, and told why we were being attacked, emission's, sound, land use, cost of injury, pick one it's all deth by a thousand cut's. Maybe as a single motor a 2 stroke makes more emissions than a four stroke , but how many more motors are there than 2 stroke dirt bikes. I think that only fun vehicles should use fuel and all utility vehicles ( cars, trucks, etc) should be emission free. These vehicles make up the vast majority of emission's, and they make their emission right in among us, as most dirt bike tracks are rural. Soon there will be electric bikes with no emissions, so even more then, what does it matter if 2 strokes and 4 strokes never got any cleaner. If everything else gets massively cleaner then what real harm are our fun machines.  MX FOREVER.........

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