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Front Master Cylinder

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Can anyone tell me what this black spec is in the brake fluid pickup? Just rebuilt the master cylinder. Piece of seal from the old piston? It moves every time the lever does.


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It looks like old rubber from the seals or diaphragm - did you change the diaphragm as well?

I would remove the brake hose, the master cylinder piston and flush it with brake fluid - as these dirties will probably go into the system.

I'm just in process to repair the master cylinder, caliper and change the stock hose with FrenTubo.

If you are looking for a very sensitive front brake you should try to get KTM master cylinder.

I took one and tested it, but it is too sensitive for me - the free play till fully stop is just a few mm..... so I will totally repair the nissin brakes.


I hope I helped.

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