SM wheels. i want.

found these a couple hours away, he's asking $900 00c0c_iuYelYMhQUT_1200x900.jpg

they're used, off a 2014. time for new tires, or can i get away with using those for a couple more years you think?

also, does removing those wheel weights damage the anodization? 



Tire weights use double stick tape, clutch/brake cleaner will work.

See how old they are. Ask for a pic of the date code and a pic of the measurement of the tread depth on front and back vs thread depth of new tires.  See many miles are being claimed?  If they're beat, use the current tires to do burn outs :devil:

That's a fair price for those blue stock rims , hard to find a set less then $1k , more like $1100-1200 with tires. The set I got had about 1/8" to .156 tread debth , about all there is from new on them . Yours should be good for 2k miles yet depending how hard you are on them . I need a set of gold sm rims yet but would prefer a cush hub.




New tires

decent price for excels! Tires look good to me. easily a season left on those bad boys! SEND IT!!!!!

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That's a good price for the rims. A rim and spoke kit from Buchannan's will cost you $900 shipped and you still have to source front and rear hubs and lace/true them. Regarding the tires, no one can tell you how long they'll last without knowing the thread depth and how many miles you ride in a year.

Your tires last years? You're not riding right...

That's a fair deal, actually. You will still need a brake rotor and caliper bracket. 

He won't need anything more if he uses all the stuff off his S wheels , they bolt right on . Just need to use the S caliper brackets with the S rotors , or get the SM rotors along with the sm caliper brackets. I used my S parts till I finally picked up 3 sm rotors and a conversion bracket for my 3 front wheels , rear is still S parts .

BTW= front and rear rotors have the same bolt patterns .


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Thanks for the feedback. I thought those were a little pricey considering they sell new Warp 9 wheels with tires and rotors for 1,000-1,100, but what do I know.

I hardly ride street at all, I take my bicycle to work on weekdays and my CR off road on the weekends, so I won't be putting many miles on those tires, I just worry about rubber drying up after a few years even if there's still tread. After my front end washed out on me over summer on my street legal XR with old tires around a corner I've been pretty paranoid about tires and pressure, etc...

If I do get them I'll just buy an extra set of normal sized S rotors, probably tusk. Happy to know they bolt right up.


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I'd much rather have factory wheels over Warp 9. I don't know about now, but in the past Warp 9 wasn't know for their quality.

Those tires were crap when they were new.   

These Excel wheels are leagues ahead of Warp9.  I would buy them.

$900 may be a bit high without rotors and sprocket and knowing the date code on the tires (can't see it in the photo).

the guy was willing to negotiate but unfortunately someone else swooped in before me and took them. o well, probably better i save my money...  i barely ride street anyways. now im thinking of powdercoating my rims blue and putting on d606s (my shinkos absolutely do not hook up off road) 


Early 90's GSX rims were shod 110 & 140, all the newer 600cc (Y2K) rims I've looked at or used wear 120 & 150.  I'd recommend newer rims as the improved casting process offer much lighter rims compared to the early 90's anchors.

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