739 AT ?

Anyone use Dunlop's 739AT desert? I use a S12 140 on the rear, thinking about a 120/100 for summer. Hows the traction and wear? :)

I have used the 739AT in the past. It's a good tire. It didn't chunk out in the dez rocks and hooked up pretty good. I got about 500 miles out of mine. The only draw back on these tires is the price. A little steep if you ask me. I now prefer the Maxxis IT. It's a great tire very durable and a much better deal then the Dunlop.

I have used a 739 AT in the past and liked it. I have a 756 on the rear now, but prefer the longer lasting 739. I did not notice much difference in traction between the two. Like the post above, many seem to have good luck withthe Maxxis IT, which will be my next try.

I ran 739D's for quite a while. I think they skate around too much and are a little pricy. I'm kinda hyper with the throttle and tear up tires fast. I usually got around 350 miles out of it and the knobs do not chunk, just wear down.

I am now running the Maxxis IT like the guys in the other posts in a 120 width and it's a tougher tire. I got almost 600 miles out of the last one and they are much cheaper through RMMC.

Thanks that what I needed to know. I only get about 300 miles out of a rear before it goes away, heavy on the trottle also. I seem to allways have a fairly new hard rear tire on at the start of mud season :)

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