Ktm exc-f 250 vs Yamaha wr250f for trail riding

Hi guys so I am considering looking to upgrade from a dr250 to either an exc-f 250 or a wr250f.  I ride mostly trails and dirt roads/cross country.  I want a bike that requires the less maintenence and is most reliable, but can still bring the front end up.  I have just turned 16 and I'm 6'0, but can flatfoot both bikes if that helps any.  Thanks for the help

Both bikes are great choices.  But it all depends on your budget.  I have the 250 exc-f because I live in California and it is street legal.  Personally I would get the wr250f since you can tune it a lot easier and cheaper than the KTM.  

Thanks a bunch for the help.  What are the maintenance intervals for the Ktm compared to the Yamaha?  Thanks again!

I have a 2006 wr250 and a 2008 exc 450. On technical trails I like the war quite a bit more. I cannot speak to the 250 exc but the war is an awesome bike. It's super low maintenance and has been much more reliable than the Ktm, for what it's worth.

all the engines are pretty equal these days and KTM has the best specs and DOT crap

I have had WR250Fs since 2002, and just got a 350 EXC-F last February. The KTM is an awesome bike, but it cost a lot. If I was going to get a 250, I would go for the Yamaha. They are pretty bullet proof. The main difference I see is that the KTM steers more with the front end, and the Yamaha with the rear, if you know what I mean. The KTM turns tighter and better in tight woods. Plus you're young, save your money for your next bike. My two bits.

Yamaha, I have an old wr250f, 2003, and it flat rips. Me 6'3", 65 yo, about 190 on the bike so it should keep your attention for a few years. And you ARE going to need parts, easy to get Yamaha parts new and used. Oh, I only own 3 Yamaha's at the time. 2001 RoadStar 1602 v twin,2003 wr250f, 2016 ttr 230!

Wr250f much less expensive to maintain. Ktm 250f more torque..seems to turn tighter easier....but wr250f is more predictable in sketchy situations.  love riding both....there is something to be said for riding a smaller bike 250cc....harder. It's more relaxing some how and prefer them off road compared to 400 426 and 525...which are less forgiving when ringing them out in the woods.

Hope that helps a bit.

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