See who can identify my new bike

Hi guys

My first post!

See if you can identify my bike, are you familiar with 20 questions?

Anyway, here it is-


Is it Chinese?

DRZ 400S with SM or other USD forks.

No, no and no.

Looks like a KLX. Probably a 250.

I did not notice the water pump running off of the head......

Not Chinese or DRZ. Can we eliminate Spanish or Italian?

It's a good looking bike wherever it's from.

Husqvarna te??

looks like a kawi, but the red nit bits .....? what about a gas gas?

No, no, oh?, yes, no, thank`s, no (I think i got that right)

3 minutes ago, brownballin said:

looks like a kawi, but the red nit bits .....? what about a gas gas?

Sort of getting warmer.

I used to have a Mk3 GasGas 250, it would go anywhere i was prepared to point it up!



How many questions are left from 20?

Really looks nice, thats all I got.

Sherco 290 ?




It`s 300cc as a clue.

K ill go with klx300

Here`s the other side.I have taken a load of crap off the thing, will show you at some point what it did look like!

It looks so much better from the LH side than the RH.



stripped 004 (Small).jpg

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